March 27, 2011

Hello World!

Me in mid-explanation at GLAM-WIKI [Photo:Wittylama]
Hello everybody. My name is Àlex Hinojo and I am a Wikimedian from Barcelona. My username everyhwere is Kippelboy.

It's been a long time since I first edited Wikipedia. I've been recently declared Wikimedia's first official GLAM Ambassador, with the support of a steering committee, Wikimedia España and the Catalan Wikipedia community. I really appreciate it.

I also thank Liam Wyatt for what he is doing all around the world, promoting GLAM-Wiki relationships.

I speak English, French, Spanish, Catalan and a litle bit of German, and I am a Museum Management post-degree student.

In this blog I'll try to explain my GLAM-Wiki experience.

So...let's go!!

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