April 03, 2011

Museum-management students editing on Wikipedia

Conxa Rodà, from Museu Picasso, is really engaged with the idea of GLAM-Wiki collaborations and has already started a wikiproject: 
Museu Picasso coordinates, with the Pompeu Fabra University, a post-graduate programme in museum management. We have started a Wikiproject where students must create or improve wikipedia museum-related entries. You can view Wikiproject page here (in Catalan).

Museum director, Pepe Serra, during a class

Appart from this, following the meeting GLAM-WIKI we just held, several institutions have contacted me. Mainly, these days I  have been solving very basic questions about how Wikipedia actually works, more than doing GLAM stuff. 

In my opinion, these are good news, because it shows that there are many curators and researchers interested on us. Museum proffessionals want to discover all about wikipedia categories, watchlists, policies and guidelines, and they are quite curious about it. Over the next several weeks I will meet all those people interested. I'll tell you about it!

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