May 11, 2011

QRpedia Codes at Fundació Joan Miró

Fundació Joan Miró. Barcelona. Photo. Peter Groth. CC-BY-SA
There is a must-see exhibition about Joan Miró in Tate London that will be shown in Barcelona in October, at the Fundació Joan Miró, before travelling to National Gallery of Art of Washington in 2012.

We have reached an agreement with the Fundació Joan Miró to do an experiment with multilingual QR codes, linking them to Wikipedia articles.

Some curators of the museum will send us a selection of 15-20 special artworks, and we will start a Wikiproject to create these articles in different languages, just like the one is being done with the Wright Challenge at the Derby Museum and Art Gallery. During the exhibit, curators will stick thes QRcodes just next to the artworks.

To encourage locals, we are preparing a hackathon at the museum's library in September. We are now engaging some art history teachers from Barcelona, to help us reach as many featured articles as possible.

During the next few weeks we will keep you informed on how this project evolves. It is clear that this will be a full-coloured GLAM-Wiki summer.


  1. This is brilliant news Alex. Any help that I or Terence Edent can give you is available I'm sure. This is such a neat win-win for all. Your help with the Wright Challenge will build Derby Museum's confidence in the decision they have made. Good luck to the Catalan Wiki Army - I hope to send you more pictures of Derby Museum artefacts being described in Catalan for any visitor with a smart-phone and without a special app.

  2. Thanks for your words!! It's sure we'll need your help :)

  3. So pleased to see it has come to bear fruit. QRpedia is on front page of English Wikipedia at the weekend. Could you get Catalan version there too? With Catalan refs added?

  4. When I saw this exhibition in London there was free wifi, it just lacked QR codes to make it interactive and so provide the context of the artists' life, materials used, controversies at the time of acquisition etc. Barcelona visitors are so lucky that they are benefiting from the great work of the e-volunteers.

  5. Thanks so much for your words both of you. I hope this experiment really works and museums visits change from now on :D

  6. UPDATE: Read a full case study with the results of the project here:

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