January 10, 2012

7 reasons to bring Wikipedia in the classroom

Museu Picasso leaded a project of post-degree students writing Wikipedia articles about Catalan Museums 

One of the many ways in which museums can collaborate with Wikipedia is through their educational department . Sometimes museums don't know how to extend  the relationship with schools and Universities  further than just a day-visit. Expanding or translating museum-related articles on Wikipedia is a great way to do it. Here we have some basic reasons:

  1. Is a proactive way to learn
  2. History pages show the student's evolution of work
  3. Students can work at different paces
  4. Promotes teamwork and consensus
  5. Is a public good : All school work is returning to society
  6. Encourages critical thinking, desacralising the written word 
  7. Encourages motivation

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