February 15, 2012

Glamcamp DC 2012

Wikipedians during GLAMcamp DC, Slowking4, CC-BY-SA
Last weekend, I was lucky enough to attend the GLAMcamp DC, greatly organized by Lori Byrd, Sarah Stierch and Pete Forsyth at the National Archives and Record Administration. A GLAMcamp is a meeting/workshop for Wikimedians active in outreach to cultural institutions, This one was focused in the United States and I assisted as an International Representative. It was a workshop for a small group (about 25 people) of community-focused and technology-focused Wikimedians to continue and solidify the key elements of the glamwiki.org project, with special focus on the United States. A few representatives from cultural institutions who have worked with Wikimedia also joined us during the event.

Here are some of the outcomes:
  • Walters Art Museum Upload project: We have started to schedule the upload of thousands of images to Wikimedia Commons from the permanent collection of the Walters Art Museum. More info here.We are also developing documentation on how fellow GLAM staff can gather and produce the proper data for their media so it will be able to be easily used on Commons. This will hopefully serve as Glamwiki's first case study working directly with a staff member to develop an uploader, and explore the process with Wikimedians, and directly help develop the process. Thanks, Dylan! 
  • GLAM US Portal - A team of Wikipedians started and improved an specific US-centered GLAM portal, with state oriented connection pages, like this one. They will be connecting with Wikimedians working on projects in those states, and adding those people. 
  • Citations Project. Some Wikimedians started to create a citation engine, which was inspired by Trove. The goal was to allow you to go to any library catalog online and create a citation. The "button" will allow you to create a citation for the appropriate language Wikipedia. So far, the program is only for the Aleph integrated library system (ILS), for demonstration purposes. But, as it's updated, we'll have more libraries and you won't have to reinstall the extension because they will update it automatically for you. The project still awaits completion.  It is being developed on GitHub, here.
National Archives Building. David Samuel, CC-BY-SA
  • GLAM One pager - Leaded by Andrew Lih, some Wikipedians started a basic outreach documentation tool, thought as a point of entry for Museum Professionals. They looked at three things: what people should KNOW, what people should SEE and how people should FEEL looking at this document. (See Etherpad for Sunday for more details.) We decided to keep it clean and easy - no details - no five pillar, no heavy details on "how Wikipedia works." The goal was to make it easy for any museum professional to understand. The result: A two sided one pager, with pull quotes from notable museumists, some media mentions, an image of Wikipedians with museum staff and Back side features photos of people with some powerful numbers and contact information.  

Besides all this, for me it has been a great personal experience. It is always great to discover new ways of co-working and living alongside such a smart group of people. GLAMcamp Rocks!

NOTE: This post is created using some extracted text from the different Etherpads used during the weekend. 

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  1. Very nice to hear your reflections on the event! It was a great pleasure having you participate.