June 28, 2012

Real communities go GLAMwiki... and beyond!!

The video was made with the help of
Castellers de Sabadell
We all know one of the most exciting and unanticipated results of GLAM-Wiki partnerships is the close community we have established as Wikipedians coordinating in various countries, and working together to support each other in our outreach. Now our connections as Wikipedians are creating a reciprocal effect of benefiting our organizations through unique side projects that may or may not be Wiki-focused, but can help in sharing our cultures across borders.

I'm very excited to share a simple but significant project started at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis, a blog series called "Families Around the World", in which we highlight the unique traditions of children and families from our project partners around the globe. This stemmed from the fact that people were interested in learning more about the Catalan tradition of Castelling, and I piped up and said "Well hey - I have a close [Wikipedia] friend who lives in Barcelona!"  My colleagues were so impressed with Àlex's quick work getting video and writing up a fantastic blog post about Castelling. And it turned out amazing!

We are lucky enough to have a commited network of volunteers from all around the world. I'm always amazed by the surprising little gems of projects that crop up here and there that help illustrate that Wikipedia is not just an encyclopedia, but an impressive community of volunteers who all have the core goal of sharing knowledge (and culture!)

I hope you enjoy the video and blog and let me know if you're interested in this project as well!

NOTE: This is a guest post written by Lori Phillips

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