August 06, 2012

Modest Cuixart edit-a-thon

A whole Friday morning, in a Town next to the beach...and improving Wikipedia? Yes, Wikipedians do it!

Within the project of Wikipedian in Residence in Palafrugell, our colleague David Parreño organized the first Edit-a-thon in the municipality, placed at the Cuixart Foundation. Modest Cuixart was one of the most outstanding Catalan painters of the second half of the twentieth century. Unfortunately he passed away in 2007.

Edit-a-thons a great place where newbies
feel comfortable to get in touch with the wiki world
His article on Catalan wiki was pretty bad, so we organized an edit-a-thon at the foundation to improve it together.

10 Wikipedians attended, 4 of which newbie users. Even a user came from the French Wikipedia to give us a hand with translations. Big thank you!

At the beggining of the event, Cuixart'son welcomed us and showed us the workshop where his father used to work, telling us some interesting anecdotes. Then we spent the next 4 hours improving and extending the Catalan painter's biography on Wikipedia.

We had the invaluable help of the Documentation Center of the Contemporary Art Museum of Barcelona, the MACBA, who prepared a complete Cuixart Bibliography, and also from the Municipal Archives of Palafrugell, who offered us quality literature, as well as people of the Josep Pla Foundation, who came to support us.

Here's the article after the activity. It is an excellent example of how a cheerful and relaxed activity can collaborate to improve the presence of our most outstanding artists in the network. From local to global.